The Modern Event Management Firm’s Survival Kit: Making it in Modern South Africa

April 4th, 2018

Event managers are an interesting breed. One common thread you’re likely to find across all sectors of event managers is that they have a gripping need to be prepared. There have been too many times when life’s been made far more difficult than it should’ve been for event managers, which is why each one quickly learns what they need for their survival kit.

If you would like some insight into what a modern event management firm’s survival kit looks like, then read on. Any good event manager is able to save the day. In fact, that’s quite possibly written into their job description. When anything goes awry, a seasoned event manager won’t look to someone else to fix or see to it, they simply just do, using their own toolkit, which makes up their event management survival kit.


What Goes Into an Event Management Survival Kit?

Good question. Obviously, each event manager will have their own version of a survival kit, but there are some basic elements that come together to make up what every manager needs to get through an event. So we’ve compiled a list of event management must-haves, inspired by legendary event managers who keep the lights on with their notable organisational skills.

If you want to be prepared for any of life’s happenstances, and want to come out well-equipped for any upcoming event, consider the following essentials for your survival kit:

  • Cable ties and candles;
  • Batteries of all sizes;
  • Corkscrews and bottle openers;
  • Calculators, clipboards and cameras;
  • Disposable table cloths, dustpans and brushes;
  • Extension cords, first aid kit and elastic bands.


Think Ahead, Like All Forward Thinking Event Managers Do

Being an event manager means you need to wear many hats. It also means you need to place yourself in everyone’s shoes around you, and be one step ahead. This means printing extra copies of the programme for the event, having all important phone numbers of your team and suppliers at hand and having bottled water around for the crew on a hot summer’s day.

Making sure you’re prepared for the unforeseen is key to keeping you and your team sane before and throughout the event. Anything can happen, so make sure you’re prepared for it, and pull off an event that’s worthy of the brand, and will stay in people’s minds for all the right reasons.

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