Golf Days

Challenge your business partners to a game and you won’t wait long for their eager RSVPs. When you do, let Black Snow Events caddie your corporate golf day from tee-off all the way to the 18th, back to the club house and throughout the evening’s entertainment. We promise that, even if you lose the game, you’ll land a hole-in-one with a superbly executed golf day. Plus a pat on the back from your new brand fans.

Enjoy our carefree golf day event management services that allow you to forget the logistics and join the fun, including:

  • Detailed event design, tailored to your requirements
  • Course and venue sourcing and reservation
  • A web site detailing your golf day, social media marketing, and traditional offline promotion
  • Management of guest lists, invitation production and mailing, RSVPs and registrations in physical or online formats
  • All announcements and communications with participants and guests
  • Planning and scheduling of the golf day’s agenda
  • Catering, refreshment and bar management
  • Arrangement of video production, photography and journalism for the event
  • On-course branding and signage
  • Transport, guest reception, parking attendance and security management
  • Event staffing and management
  • Game supervision and score keeping
  • On-course refreshments and comfort
  • A fun award ceremony for the winner, the loser, and everyone in between
  • Entertainment, celebrity participation, and winding down of the event
  • After-event follow-up, feedback and analysis
  • So if your corporate golf day has become a cornerstone of your marketing plan, create the right impression for enthusiastic participation from your clients and guests.

Our professional event management team will take care of all the golf day details from the day you contact us right up to the final farewell. All you’ll have to worry about is the best club to use for your next shot.

The perfect golf day is just a putt away. So take the shot and contact us today about our golf day event management services. See you on the green.