Renewable Success – Achieving Customer Loyalty in the Event Space

March 8th, 2018

Whether you’re a freelancer, or head a large events agency, client retention matters. In fact, it matters on more levels than you probably realise. Aside from the obvious return business you derive from existing clientele, customer loyalty also spills over into the highly sought-after word-of-mouth referral. It’s still the golden zenith of sales, despite the many vehicles of marketing we have at our disposal today. No tweet, article, Instagram post, Google search or organic listing holds as much weight as a referral from a trusted source.

It’s because of this, among many other reasons, that you need to ensure high client retention rates. It’s not necessarily as easy as one would suppose, either, but it’s something that will make or break your agency. In the events industry, much more than many other industries, you’re only as good as your last success. While you can build a solid reputation in the marketplace, and become well-known for the quality, engagement and success of your events, you can’t ever afford to let the ball drop.

You Never Stop Proving Yourself

When you succeed at attracting a new client, it might be for a variety of reasons. They might be after your competitive rates, or they may be wanting to ride the wave of success off your last event, but whatever the case may be, you have to prove yourself to them, like you have to every other new client your agency attracts. You have to introduce your offering, and spend time briefing and discussing each event with the client.

This is your chance to enlighten your client on the possibilities that you can achieve for them, selling yourself as the best of the very best. Client turnover unfortunately is especially high in the events industry, where it’s difficult to compete on price alone. Chances are, you’ll always find someone willing to undercut your fee. This is why you need to sell something more to your clients – the peace of mind that comes with dealing with you.

Your reputation should be spot on. Creativity within the constraints of a budget should be second nature, as should budget juggling. Ultimately, when you invest in keeping your clients happy, in all the shapes and forms that will entail, you make it easy for them to come back time and again. If you’re looking for a simplified formula of keeping your clients coming back time and again, consider the following: pay personal attention to your clients, do your homework, know your client and as always, under-promise and over-perform.

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